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    Kymber Taylor

    Hi Tammy, it doesn't appear that the Header lines or tags control where the entries will post. The fiscal year/period in the transactions are validated by the collectorJob and transactions with inactive fiscal periods are put into the col_scrberr files. Consequently, they never make it to the GL. 

    My steps: run FiscalYearMakers to populate 2022, inactivate fiscal period 09, load the linked files, run collectorJob, check Batch File - staging/gl/originEntry and the collector error files are populated with the invalid transactions.

    XML file

    Flat file

    Let me know if you see something different - or I'm misunderstanding. 

    Thanks, Kymber




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    Kymber Taylor

    Hi Tammy, I've done some poking around and am still looking. I'll let you know what I find. 

    Thanks, Kymber

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